SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd is the largest importer of petrol and diesel in Georgia. It imports up to 35,000 tons of oil products from Azerbaijan each month. The company is expanding rapidly by increasing its network of petrol stations around the country. SGP's strategic development plan includes construction of petroleum storage depots using modern technologies and develop its network of petrol stations up to 120.                                read more

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02.04.10 SOCAR announced preliminary data about selling commercial gas in Georgia in the first quarter
In January-March of the current year SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd (a daughter enterprise SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd) sold about 62 million cubic meters of commercial gas at the Georgian market. In January 20.88 million cubic meters of gas were sold compared to 21.8 million cubic meters in February. In March, according to preliminary data, this index should amount to 19 million cubic meters. In 2009 about 138 million cubic meters of commercial gas were sold at the Georgian market.

02.04.10 In January – March SOCAR supplied at the Georgian market more than 300 million cubic meters of “social” gas
In January-March SOCAR Gas Supply, Ltd (daughter company of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) supplied to Georgia 340 million cubic meters of "social gas".

30.03.10 SOCAR is starting to sell automobile fuel in Azerbaijan through its own petrol stations
On April 5th, State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is planning to put into operation the first petrol station in Azerbaijan under its own brand. The total amount of SOCAR petrol stations in Azerbaijan will amount to 26 units.

26.03.10 SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd sponsored GIOGIE 2010
The 9th Georgian International Oil, Gas, Energy and Infrastructure Conference and Showcase GIOGIE 2010 was held in Tbilisi, at a new venue - the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, on 24-25 March. The company SOCAR Georgia Gas, Ltd was the Lead Sponsor of event. GIOGIE 2010 attracted over 150 delegates from 15 countries and was officially supported by the Ministry of Energy of Georgia, Ministry of Environmental Protection & Natural Resources, British Georgian Chamber of Commerce (BGCC) and Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation (GOGC).

26.03.10 Second draw, organized by SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd
A corporate event organized by SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd, was held on March 26th of the current year at the "Bermukha" restaurant, which has accepted traditional character and was dedicated to the second draw of the prize car.

17.03.10 SOCAR is presenting a new emulgator in Kazakhstan
According to the exhibition company Iteca, the organizer of the technical conference "Oil Tech Kazakhstan", to be held on April 6-7 in Atirau, SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) is presenting an emulgator "Oil and Gas - 1", which is recommended for de-emulsion of oil in the system of its initial preparation. De-emulgator has been prepared by "Oil and Gas".

16.03.10 Bank of Georgia and SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd signed the agreement within the framework of the project on providing regions of Georgia with gas
The agreement was signed between the Bank of Georgia and SOCAR Energy Georgia, Ltd on offering credits to the population for supplying their houses with gas and installing meters.

04.03.10 SOCAR is getting ready for the next stage within the framework of constructing the oil base in Georgia
SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic) is getting ready for laying the foundation of the oil base in Georgia. At present preparatory works are in progress. Earth works were finalized on the territory earlier.

04.03.10 SOCAR is getting ready to open new petrol stations in Georgia
During spring SOCAR is planning to open in Georgia seven-eight petrol stations under its own brand. At present 32 petrol stations operate in Georgia. However, by April-May it is planned to hand into operation seven-eight more units. In the first half of the year it is planned to put into operation 15 petrol stations with the equal number for the second half.

04.03.10 In February SOCAR sold more than 20 thousand tons of Azeri oil products in Georgia
In February SOCAR sold 20.1 thousand tons of Azeri oil products compared to 25 thousand tons in January. Out of the overall volume of oil products sold in Georgia, petrol accounted for 8.3 thousand tons whereas diesel fuel to 11, 12 tons. 670 tons of aviation kerosene of Azeri production were sold in February. In 2010 SOCAR is planning to sell 415 thousand tons of oil products at the Georgian market compared to 406 thousand tons in 2009.

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