SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd is the largest importer of petrol and diesel in Georgia. It imports up to 35,000 tons of oil products from Azerbaijan each month. The company is expanding rapidly by increasing its network of petrol stations around the country. SGP's strategic development plan includes construction of petroleum storage depots using modern technologies and develop its network of petrol stations up to 120.                                read more

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03.06.09 SOCAR to build own filling stations in Azerbaijan
The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) will build own filling stations in the country, SOCAR high ranking official said on June 3. This year the company invested 10 million manat to the SOCAR Petroleum company.

21.05.09 Head of SOCAR Energy Georgia Mahir Mammedov said
“In January-April, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) Sold 127,000 tons of different oil products to Georgia and roughly 90 percent of this volume fell to petrol and diesel fuel," Mammedov said. Mammedov said petrol and diesel fuel is sold on the Georgian market almost at the same quantity and the remained part of oil products falls to aviation kerosene, liquefied gas and black oil which is sold on the market at small quantity.

20.05.09 SOCAR Energy Georgia is planning to increase the consumers twice to 57,000 in Georgia this year, head of the company Mahir Mammedov said
"The number of consumers reaches 60,000, but we are planning to increase their number up to 57, 000," Mammedov added. The company plans to increase the total number of gas consumers up to 150,000 within three years.

04.05.09 The State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic declared about shipment from the Black Sea Terminal in Kulevi which belongs to it, of the 100th tanker
Remind that the Kulevi Oil Terminal has been opened on May, 16th, 2008. Its throughput makes 10 million tons in year (3 million tons of oil, 3 million tons of diesel oil and 4 million tones of black oil). SOCAR has invested in it about 340 million dollars (at the general investments to Georgia of 400 million dollars).

25.04.09 Four more petrol stations
Four more petrol stations of “SOCAR Georgia Petroleum” LTD were opened in Georgia. On April 25-th Director General of "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD Mr. Mahir Mammedov, Director of "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD Mr. David Zubitashvili were participated in opening ceremony of petrol station in Batumi, Gogebashvili str. 33 and in Zestafoni, Staroselski str.15. Besides in Tbilisi, D.Agmashenebeli 13-th km (on February 20th), Terjola region, village Kvakhchiri (on February 9th).

07.04.09 SOCAR Energy Georgia LTD the Official Sponsor of Chess Federation of Georgia
On April 6th the Director General of "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD Mr. Mahir Mammedov and the President of Chess Federation of Georgia Mr. Georgi Giorgadze signed memorandum, which includes that the company "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD becomes the Official Sponsor of the Chess Federation and during 2009 year will finance all its projects.

22.01.09 First-rate payers in oil products sector
On January 22, 2009 the Union of Oil Producers, Importers and Consumers held rewarding ceremony at club "Triumph" and made known the first-rate payers in oil products sector. The ceremony was mastered by Mr. Zaza Aleksidze. Among the guests there were Minister of Economics of Georgia Mr. Lasha Zhvania, Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of the Azerbaijan Republic to Georgia Mr. Namig Aliyev, founder of SOCAR Energy Georgia Mr. Ivane Chkhartishvili, SOCAR Energy Georgia Director General Mr. Maihr Mammedov, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum Director Mr. David Zubitashvili, famous culture workers and the others top-level officials; Vakhtang Kikabidze and Eka Mamaladze, representatives of local media.

19.01.09 On January 19th, the 19th petrol station of "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD was opened in Dmanisi
On January 29th, 2009 19 petrol station of "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD was opened in Dmanisi. The Deputy of Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic, Head of the Commission of relationships between Georgian and Azerbaijan Parliaments Mrs. Ganira Pashayeva, Director General of "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD Mr. Mahir Mammedov, Director of " SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD Mr. David Zubitashvili and the other high-level officials participated in opening ceremony.

29.12.08 "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD awards the best employers
The board of directors of "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD awarded the best petrol station of year - Gldani petrol station by New Year. The best petrol station was made known through long and essential monitoring of petrol stations. This process was led by the Monitoring Manager of "SOCAR Energy Georgia" LTD, Mr. Arif Kiarimov and Manager of "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD tank farms and petrol stations, Mr. Rashadat Mamedov.

26.12.08 "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTD widens petrol station network and improves the service
On December 26, 2008 2 units were opened with brand name SOCAR; petrol station in Marijani Street (Kavtaradze street) and "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum' LTD service center in Vazha Pshavela Ave., Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev President of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic, Mr. Alexander Khetaguri Minister of Energy of Georgia as well as high-level officials of Georgia and the Republic of Azerbaijan attended the opening ceremony.

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