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Project - McDonald's in Batumi
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 The petrol station of SOCAR in Batumi where the McDonald's is situated with its original and futuristic design, immediately attracted the attention of the world's reputable publications. In 2013, it was considered to be among the world's 100 best buildings by the American publication "The Huffington Post" as the most creative and beautiful fast food establishment in the world whereas in the current year of 2014, the reputable architectural company ‘ArchDaily" nominated and included the SOCAR building located in Batumi in the list of the year's selected architectural buildings.
McDonald's of Batumi is one of the most successful projects of SOCAR which has been largely popular since the day of opening. It is situated in the newly built part of the city. The three-storied construction has been built from steel and glass. The complex includes SOCAR petrol station equipped with ultra-modern technologies and McDonald's. The interior is decorated with the most beautiful hanging garden surrounded by water whereas glass adds the natural flavor to the internal environment and fills it with sunlight from inside.
The petrol station and the restaurant are isolated from each other both physically and visually so that the restaurant customers do not see petrol station service.
The beautiful view to the open swimming pool opens up from one part of the restaurant whereas another joins the internal yard/patio around the building under the open sky which is decorated with the hanging garden. The glass construction protects the clients from outside noise and creates a cozy environment.
Notably, the SOCAR-McDonald's existing in Batumi does not represent the only architectural creation of SOCAR which is in the centre of the world's attention. The SOCAR project situated on Tbilisi - Batumi high speed highway deserved similar international popularity. The given project serves as the multi-function auto-lounge where together with the Goodwill market and fast food restaurant a number of other comfortable services are offered to the consumers. 

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