SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd is the largest importer of petrol and diesel in Georgia. It imports up to 35,000 tons of oil products from Azerbaijan each month. The company is expanding rapidly by increasing its network of petrol stations around the country. SGP's strategic development plan includes construction of petroleum storage depots using modern technologies and develop its network of petrol stations up to 120.                                read more

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georgian_times_90   SOCAR Energy Georgia President Denies Seaport Construction   23.11.2009
Tbilisi (GBC) - Mahir Mammedov. the President of SOCAR Energy Georgia, a Georgia-based subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), has dismissed information in the Georgian print media that the company plans lo construct a new seaport in Grigoleti in the Guria Region.

TCO and LukArco Launch Negotiations to Transport Oil via Kulevi Terminal   28.09.2009
Tbilisi (GBC) - Tengizchevroil (TCO), a Kazakh oil company, and LukArco, a joint venture between Lukoil of Russia and US-based Atlan­tic Richfield (Arco). have launched negotiations on transporting Kazakh oil by the terminal of Kulevi in the Samegrelo-A-mo Svaneti Region.

messenger_90  Gas tariff to be decreased   02.09.2009
Minister of Energy Aleksandre Khetaguri stated at a press conference yesterday that an addition to the gas agreement has been made after quite intense negotiations between the Georgian Government and SOCAR. It will enable the Georgian Government to de­crease the tariff for those who sub­scribed to the gas distribution net­work since 1 August 2008.

SOCAR will build gas reservoir in Georgia., says SOCAR President   24.08.2009
Tbilisi (GBC)- The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SO­CAR) plans to construct a 300m cubic meter underground gas reservoir in Georgia, Rovnag Abdullayev, The SOCAR President, says.

State to Pay Debts to Wissol and SOCAR   27.07.2009
Tbilisi (GBC) - The Government of Georgia has passed a resolution, under which the state budget will pay debts to JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia and LLC SOCAR Georgia Petroleum for fuel consumed during the 2008 August hostilities.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR Unveils Expansion Plans   29.06.2009
Tbilisi (GBC) - SOCAR Energy Georgia, a subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), plans to open 10 new gas stations this year.

financial_80   International Rise of Oil Prices Affecting Georgian Fuel Cost   11.05.2009
Lately in Georgia Prices of fuel have significantly increased. Most of the giant Georgian oil importing companies like Wissol, SOCAR and Lukoil, declare That The Sharp rise in the volume of fuel prices was caused by the raised cost on crude oil all over the world. Chairman of the wissol Board of Directors says that the increase of oil prices on the internetional market is connected with the expectations of the end of the crisis.     Page 2

financial_80   In 2009 SOCAR exported over 9.4 million tons of oil, including over 1.9 million in April   11.05.2009
For Jan-Apr 2009 State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) exported 9,439,811.3 tons of via varius routes, including 1,917003.3 tons in April 2009 versus 2,569,197 tons in March, 2,873,356.1 tons in February, 2.08 million in January 2009, 2009 million tons in December 2008 and 22.588 million for 2008.

Wissol SOCAR Deal Too Good to Reject   27.04.2009
SOCAR Energy Georgia has purchased 100% of the shares of Mareuli Gas from Wissol Group. The Public Relations Manager of SOCAR Energy Georgia has said that they haven't decided yet to change the manage­ment of the company.

Top Oil Importers 2008   20.04.2009
According to the Association of oil   Product!  Importers   and Distributors (NIA), the leader in total imports of gasoline and diesel to Georgia in 2008 was SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, owned by Azerbaijan State Oil Corporation SOCAR. The company imported 192.623 Metric Tons (MT) of gasoline and 175.046 MT of diesel. Till last year SOCAR was focused on wholesale.   Page 2

messenger_90   GAS STORAGE PROSPECTS TO COME TRUE   26.03.2009

Regional-wide gas storage seems lucrative to this end as far as Ninotsminda with its 5 billion cu. m. potential, offers such a chance. But bigger financing, which is difficult to attract at the moment.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR Georgia Gas to Revise tariffs in Regions   16.03.2009
Tbilisi (GBC) - SOCAR Georgia Gas, a subsidiary of the International Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR), said it will review gas tariffs in Georgia's regions.

georgian_times_90   SOCAR Opens Tender on Light Oil Sale from Supsa   02.03.2009
Tbilisi (GBC) - The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) opened a tender on the sale of Azeri Light oil consignment from the Georgian Supsa port, reported news agency. Tender result will be announced on Feb. 26.

messenger_90   The Clock is ticking for southern gas corridor, says Azeri Minister   25.02.2009
Azerbaijan has the resources to increase natural gas export to Europe, but it all depends on the timely creation of an effective southern gas corridor from the Caspian region and transit agreements with turkey, Azerbaijan's minister for Industry and Energy Natig Aliyev told New Europe in an interview in Athens.          Page2

georgian_times_90   Azerbaijan Invests USD 3bn in Georgian Economy, Ilham Aliyev Says   02.02.2009
Tbilisi (GBC) - Azerbaijan companies has invested USD 3bn in the economy of Georgia for the last several years, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev said at the 29 January Economic Forum in Davos.

messenger_90   NABUCCO debated by video link   29.01.2009
On January 27 a live videoconference between Tbilisi, Mos­cow and Baku, dedicated to the on­going NABUCCO gas pipeline project summit in Budapest and the project's advantages and disad­vantages for Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan Republic, was conducted by the RIA NOVOSTI news agency.

georgia_today_80   Oil awards recognize business support   23.01.2009
The Union of Oil Product Enterprisers, Importers and Customers held an annual award for the first prize was given to "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" LTd as the biggest investor in the country. Which spent more than 28 million GEL in the investment, and brought 172.217.882 GEL to the state budget.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR may construct new port in Georgia   12.01.2009
State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is going to build a new port in Georgia. Azeri news agency Today.Az reported on December 22. The company is poised to build the new port from the savings gener­ated after the Kulevi Oil Terminal be­comes operational. The new port will allow the company to increase the load of high-capacity tankers.

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