SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Ltd is the largest importer of petrol and diesel in Georgia. It imports up to 35,000 tons of oil products from Azerbaijan each month. The company is expanding rapidly by increasing its network of petrol stations around the country. SGP's strategic development plan includes construction of petroleum storage depots using modern technologies and develop its network of petrol stations up to 120.                                read more

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bussines_week_90   Multifunctional Complex of SOCAR New Standard for Georgian Roads   06.12.2011
On 28 November, the President of Georgia Mikheil saakashvili officially opened a multifunctional complex of the two leading brands SOCAR and GOODWILL. The complex is located on the Gori division of the highway connecting eastern and Western Georgia.

bussines_week_90   Georgia is moving forward very speedily becoming a civilized country   29.11.2011
President Saakashvili visited a newly opened multifunctional complexes constructed by the companies Wissol and SOCAR along the central highway in Gori. Along with the fuel stations, the territory offers an agrarian market.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR Develops Petrol Stations Fast and Effectively   20.09.2011
SOCAR Georgia Petroleum intensively expands its service stations. The company opened its 75th petrol station in Sadakhlo village, Marneuli region.  A new petrol station is equipped with the modern technology.

bussines_week_90   The new complex of SOCAR will open on Gori highway   20.09.2011
On September th 12th two successful brands, SOCAR Energy Georgia and Goodwil, signed the memorandum on cooperation. Acording to the memorandum, "Goodwill" will provide the petrol station on Gori highway with the food court and resting complex.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR Georgia Petroleum Gained Victory at the International Business Summit   07.06.2011
The leading company on the market of oil-products SOCAR Georgia Petroleum has gained another big victory at the International Business Summit held on 18th of April in Germany. SOCAR became the winner of quality and business-prestige.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR Opened a New Service Station in Marneuli   10.05.2011
The company SOCAR Georgia Petroleum intensively expands its service stations. The company opened the new service station equipped will the modern technology in Marneuli region in village of Sarali.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR Receives the second ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certificate   02.05.2011
The company SOCAR Georgia Petroleum became recipient of "ISO 9001:2008 Quality management Certificate" was awarded to SOCAR Georgia Petroleum by SGS, which is one of the biggest oil importing companies in Georgia.

bussines_week_90   67th Petrol Station of SOCAR Georgia in Tbilisi   18.04.2011
The company SOCAR Georgia Petroleum expends the network of petrol stations effectively and rapidly. Last week in Gldani region of Tbilisi, 67th petrol station of SOCAR Georgia started to operate.

jurnal_80   Gas import tariff valid for 10 years   31.03.2011
The Azeri Company "SOCAR" has changed the gas supply tariff for Georgia. As stated by Alexander Khetaguri, the Energy Minister, according to the 10 year agreement with "SOCAR" signed in 2010.

jurnal_80   Murky waters of fuel prices   03.02.2011
Prices on petrol and diesel increased by more than 10% starting past December up to the end of January in Georgia, thus fueling up the yet tough inflation pressure of 11%. Oil and oil product importer companies ascribe the reason to the international market trends.

messenger_90  SOCAR Georgia Petroleum recognized as first-rate taxpayer in Georgia   28.01.2011
SOCAR Georgia Petroleum was awarded the prize as "The first-rate taxpayer in state budget in the business sector in Georgia".

messenger_90   The President of Georgia opened gas-main pipeline in Poti   26.01.2011
President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili opened the main gas pipeline in Poti on Monday. As part of president's initiative "Gas for every village in Georgia" Poti's ‘gasification' is supposed to be complete in 18 month.

bussines_week_90   Grand Project by SOCAR and McDonald's Georgia - Filing Stations Combined with Restaurant   24.01.2011
SOCAR Energy Georgia director general Mahir Mammedov and T&K Restaurant Ltd Head Temur Chkonia have already concluded a respective memorandum on implanting  a joint project. It should be noted the new style assets will also offer a McDrive service too.

bussines_week_90   SOCAR Becomes General Sponsor for Georgian Football Federation   17.01.2011
SOCAR Energy Georgia invited its corporate customers and staff to the Retro Club Triumph club, where SOCAR Energy Georgia director general Mahir Mammedov and  the Georgian Football Federation (GFF) President Zviad Sichinava concluded a memorandum, under which SOCAR Energy Georgia has become a GFF general sponsor.

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