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On the 10th of March, all over the territory of Georgia, at the SOCAR petrol stations, raffle started. SOCAR, official partner of UEFA and a Sponsor of European Championship 2016, will play off 50 winning tickets. The winners will be able to attend the opening of the championship and final.
To become a participant of this raffle, you should put a gas at SOCAR petrol stations and have an Energy Card as well. If you are not an owner of the card, you can purchase it at the stations.
25 GEL = one ticket, this means that for the gas filling of 25 GEL you will receive one ticket.
The raffle will continue till 15th of June.
20 tickets for attending the opening of the championship will be played off from 1 to 8 of May, at 12:15 on Rustavi-2 live.
30 tickets for attending the final game will be played off on 5, 12 and 19 of June, at 12:15 on Rustavi-2 live.

For the detailed information see the rules of the game.



 Rules of the Game

From 10th of March till the 15th of June, 2016 at the petrol stations owned by Ltd "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" , all over territory of Georgia will be distributed the raffle tickets. 

Each of these tickets will be given to the owners of "Energy Card" (card of loyalty - discount system) for filling the 25 GEL gas. (25 GEL=1 ticket)
The ticket will have the division line which will divide ticket into two parts. On both parts of the ticket will be indicated the identical unique number. One part of the ticket will stay with a customer and the other one will be put in a box, which will be located at the petrol stations.
The customers, who will not have an "Energy Card", will be able to purchase one at the petrol stations.

The encouragement game will be displayed in two main stages: 

• On 1 and 8 May 2016 will be played off ten tickets a day, 20 tickets in total to attend the opening game of the European Championship 2016;
• On 5, 12 and 19 June 2016 will be played off ten tickets a day, 30 tickets in total to attend final game of the European Championship 2016;
The publicity of the play off will be ensured by the TV, radio and other media.
The prizes will be given to the winners at "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" head office, which is located at the following address: Tbilisi, 300 Aragveli str. N24.

The raffle will be conducted as follows:

The raffle will be performed from specially prepared Rustavi-2 studio (Tbilisi, Sandro Euli str. N5ა) live, on 2016 May 1, 8 and June 5, 12, 19 (at 12:15).
The tickets gathered at the petrol stations will be put in the transparent drum, the host will take at random from the drum 1 part of the ticket, with the unique number on it, the owner of which will become a winner from hearing his number publicly announced (he will have the other part of the ticket with its unique number). All distributed tickets will participate in all 5 raffling. 24 hours before the raffling all previously distributed tickets will be put in the drum. (For example on 1st of May display all the tickets distributed till 30th of April will be participating)
To get the prize will be possible for the winner in 30 calendar days, and the prize will be given not later then after 6 days from presenting the winning ticket.
In case the customer will not present the winning ticket, or if it is not possible to identify it, Ltd "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" keeps the right to give the winning prize to concrete customer. All the claims from the customers related to the process of the play off will be reviewed by Ltd "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum" in the timing considered by the rules and regulations (7 working days). Address: Tbilisi, 300 Aragveli str. N24.
Ltd "SOCAR Georgia Petroleum"


The winner of the Tickets: 





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