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SOCAR is a modern organization carrying out its activities in compliance with international standards of management and quality control.  

The company integrated CSR into its business operations and activities on a permanent basis thereof created a long-term CSR strategy that includes following five directions:

  • Environment protection
  • Youth support
  • Safety
  • Empowering women
  • Enforcement of rights of persons with disabilities (PWD)


Environment protection

  • The company has built a number of parks in Tbilisi and regions, including recreational zones in Tbilisi and Rustavi.
  • SOCAR is particularly focused on waste management and conducts waste recycling in compliance with all the rules.
  • SOCAR protects the environment by controlling fuel quality through its own accredited laboratory and systematically cleans the reservoirs.
  • The company will obtain international fuel quality certificate shortly.
  • The great majority of SOCAR stations (throughout the highway from Kakheti to Batumi and in Tbilisi) are equipped with free electric vehicle charging points.
  • SOCAR supports promotion of electric scooters and accumulators exchange points on Tbilisi-located stations.
  • 4,700 trees will be planted on 2 hectares of land damaged by wildfire in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park.
  • 1,500 trees will be planted in Varketili III Micro-DistrictIsani-Samgori, Tbilisi.  

Youth support

  • SOCAR has been promoting vocational education by supporting professional education and Pro Bono services over the years.
  • “SOCAR Georgia Gas” LLC - SOCAR team member – is implementing an education project that implies translation of English video lessons into Georgian, for our citizens to overcome language barriers and receive valuable information.
  • SOCAR contributes to youth sports development in Georgia, mostly soccer and rugby.

Empowering women

Over past years SOCAR initiated several women empowerment information campaigns.

  • Raising awareness by means of vehicle sticker #ქალივიციმესაჭესთან for fighting the stereotypes.  
  • Weekly posts on the SOCAR Facebook page within the same campaign, on stories of Georgian and foreign women, their scientific achievements and courage.
  • In 2018, SOCAR joined the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles ensuring women’s rights protection in the workplace, promoting women's for senior positions and hiring women for “nontraditional” positions. The project is aimed at elimination and prevention of sex discrimination and sexual harassment.


The company attaches great importance to the road traffic safety and occupational safety and health issues.

SOCAR has introduced and permanently upgrades H&S systems to foster a safe and healthy work environment in order to ensure personnel protection.

The company offers health insurance to all the employees.

“SOCAR Georgia Petroleum” LLC is promoting traffic safety rules and standards through various campaigns by raising awareness through social networking and media.

In addition, SOCAR is trying to raise public awareness of road traffic safety by initiating campaigns for pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

Enforcement of rights people with disabilities (PWD) and older people

  • The company launched a campaign “Active lifestyle” that implies several sports events and extreme camps equipped with lifts, wheelchair ramps and special sports equipment. Veterans, celebrities and PWDs from different regions are invited to join the campaign.
  • The company started gradual reconstruction of its filling station toilets to meet PWD needs. In 2019, all the toilets of the highway-based stations will be adjusted to the needs of people with disabilities.
  • One more project to be completed in 2019, is a mobile app, with all adapted facilities available in Georgia. The application will help PWDs in planning route. This will be an open platform app for the users to enter new facilities and rate the existing ones.
  • “SOCAR Georgia Gas” has been rendering financial support to “Catharsis” for years.