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What is the price of restoring damaged/lost Energy Card?

It’s free of charge.

How is fuel taken from the petrol station within the tender?

State Purchasing Organization / legal entity, which is registered at State Purchasing Agency can download and fill the fuel request template from our web-page (if the fuel is to be provided from oil-base) and confirm it by qualified stamp or qualified online signature and send it to d.tetvadze@socar.ge  

Fuel can be taken out from petrol station using Vehicle Identification System. Payment through plastic cards or coupons are also available. In latter case you will need the special permission from State Purchasing Agency.

Company provides transportation of fuel from oil-base. In this case the purchase must be no less then 3 000 litres.

When is the permit of the public procurement agency required?

It is required only if the fuel is taken with the card or coupons.

Is the permit of public procurement agency required for VIS?

No, it is not required.

Can I collect the points before the new Energy Card is activated?

You can collect the points only after the activation of new Energy Card. It might take maximum of 2 work days for the card to be activated. You receive an SMS after activation and the active card will appear in your SOCAR app. 

What Functions does new Energy Card Have?

New Energy Card has 2 main functions: 1) Points accumulation function. 2) Payment function.

How many points will I get after using new Energy Card?

1 Liter = 3 Points.
Also, you have the opportunity to earn double points by buying diesel or gasoline with Socar App ( SOCAR GEO) or web-site (www.sgp.ge)


How does payment with Energy Card work?

You can use prepayment function of Energy Card and buy fuel with App (SOCAR GEO) or  web-site (www.sgp.ge). After buying fuel online, you won’t need any cash or credit card anymore. You will fill the tank with Energy Card.

Cash payment: 1 liter =3 points.

Energy Card payment: 1 liter = 6 points.

What is the exchange rate of 1 Point?

1 point equals to 1 Tetri.

Where can I exchange accumulated points?

You can exchange points into fuel on SOCAR stations, pay bills, top-up mobile balance, etc. Accumulated points are valid until the end of the next year.

Points can be exchanged through app or on the spot at any of our petrol stations. 

Do I earn points If I purchase fuel with points?

No, points aren’t earned while paying with points.

What is the name of the App and where it can be downloded from?

The name of application is SOCAR GEO, and you can download it from App Store and Play Store.

What other functions does the App have, besides buying fuel?

You can rate stations, see the news, check the amount of earned points, purchase history, etc.

What should I do in case of losing the card?

In case of losing the card, you can get the new one at every station and service center. After activating new card, old one will be deactivated.

Who provides the service?

The service is provided by the head office of SOCAR.

Who can participate in the program?

Individuals and legal entities that own agricultural land registered by the National Agency of Public Registry will be able to participate in the program and receive diesel at a discounted price, not less than 0.25 ha of agricultural land, except for pastures; Or persons who will first register and specify agricultural land. Farmers benefiting from the program will be provided with 150 liters per hectare and more than 100 hectares of agricultural land, not more than 15,000 liters of fuel discount cards.

How do I get a diesel discount card?

Discount cards will be issued to farmers at the regional offices of the Agricultural Development Agency, and in the municipal centers of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. To get an agro-diesel discount card, landowners must be notified and must have an ID card with them. In case of announcement of another person, the person must have a notarized power of attorney of the land owner. Talons are also issued by the Ministry remotely through the website https://my.mepa.gov.ge

When and how long is it possible to participate in the program?

From the second half of May 2020, discount cards is being distributed in stages and will be available until the end of 2021.

What are the benefits of a diesel discount card?

Farmers involved in the program will be given SOCAR Georgia Petroleum discount cards at the regional offices of the Rural and Agricultural Development Agency. With these fuel cards, farmers who benefit from the program will be able to purchase diesel fuel at a discounted price. 

The diesel price at Petrol station, as well as at base is 2.25 from May 1.

How to get discount cards in case of land co-ownership?

In case of land co-ownership, it is possible to issue agro-discount discount cards to one of the co-owners, who must have a notarized power of attorney with the other co-owners.

How is the fuel limit determined?

The subsidy is 150 liters of diesel at a discounted price per 1 hectare; Purchase at a discounted price of 1500 liters per 10 ha; Including 100 ha. Owners / co-owners of 100 ha and more will buy no more than 15000 liters of diesel at a discounted price.

How many people will benefit from the Agro Diesel program?

More than 200,000 farmers will be able to benefit from the program.

What procedure does farmer have to go through to get fuel at a gas station?

At the gas station, the farmer must present a fuel card, pay the amount (in cash or non-cash) and be able to withdraw the fuel in stages within 24 hours before 31 December.

Where should legal entities provide information?

Legal entities that need a tax invoice for fuel purchased under the "Agro Diesel" project, at the e-mail address agro@socar.ge, at the end of each month need to send information with scanned cash checks: the name of the organization, the amount of fuel, one. Price, total price, date. For more information, contact the hotline of SOCAR Georgia Petroleum * 0001.

Where can I find additional information about the program?

For more information, visit the website of the Ministry of Agriculture: http://arda.gov.ge/faq#26 or contact the hotline: 1501

From what period is it possible to activate Agrodiesel coupons?

Activation of the first stage coupons is possible from 01.02.2021
Activation of the second stage coupons is possible from 01.04.2021
Activation of the third stage coupons is possible from 01.07.2021

How long will we be able to use the 2021 Agro Diesel Activated Coupon?

The agro-diesel coupon activated in 2021 can be used until December 31, 2021.
It is not possible to use the activated coupon in 2020.



How long has SOCAR been operating on the Georgian market?

15 years.

What types of fuel are sold by SOCAR?
  • Nano Super (98 Oct) – Euro 5
  • Nano Premium (95 Oct) – Euro 5
  • Nano Euro Regular (92/93 Oct) – Euro 5
  • Nano Diesel (Sulfur <100 ppm) – Euro 3/4
  • Nano Euro Diesel (Sulfur <10ppm) – Euro 5
  • CNG
  • LPG
Which country’s fuel is sold by SOCAR in Georgia?

Except Nano Diesel, all other types of Gasoline and Diesel are imported from Europe (Romania or Bulgaria) and meet the Euro-5 standard.

How many petrol stations of SOCAR operate in Georgia?

SOCAR has 111 petrol stations, from which 8 are only gas stations, and 24 are combined ones.

How many service-centers of SOCAR operate in Georgia?

Currently, SOCAR has 13 service-centers:

  • Tbilisi (3 S/C): Saburtalo, Gelovani, Airport;
  • Regions (10 S/C): Khashuri, Kutaisi, Batumi, Gonio, Poti, Zugdidi, Telavi, Rustavi, Akhaltsikhe, Marneuli.
Is it possible to wash a car at SOCAR petrol station?

You can get the mechanical car wash service at 21 petrol stations of SOCAR. Hand car wash services are available at 7 petrol stations of SOCAR, where professional and experienced personnel will serve you.

What is the Energy Card?

Energy Card is a discount card, which gives customers an opportunity to receive a 7 tetri discount on each liter at every petrol station of SOCAR, while on weekends the discount rate increases to 12 tetri. Energy card also gives 6 tetri discounts to customers on CNG.

Where can I get the new Energy Card?

You can get new Energy Card at SOCAR's petrol stations or service centers. ID Card or driving license is necessary to receive the energy card. Energy card is activated in 2 days at most. You receive an SMS after activation of the card.

How much does the new Energy Card cost?

Energy Card is free

What is the Fuel Card?

Fuel Card is a debit card with which you can buy the desired amount and type of fuel, and then manage your balance from the personal cabinet. Every customer, both individuals and legal entities, can become a fuel cardholder and use the card. 

Who can become the owner of the Fuel Card?

Every customer, both individuals and legal entities, can become a fuel cardholder and use the card for an unlimited period of time.

How can I become the owner of the Fuel Card?

An individual, who wants to become a holder of the Fuel Card, should visit any service-center of the company, present an identity card and go through the registration process.

Which countries does SOCAR operate in?

SOCAR operates in 6 countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and Switzerland.

How can I become a holder of the Fuel Card?

In order to become a holder of the Fuel Card, legal entities must visit SOCAR service center, provide ID code of the company, address and contact details.

Do I need a power of attorney?

No, a power of attorney is not required.

Who can apply for the Fuel Card?

Any individual, who presents company’s ID code and contact details, may apply for the Fuel Card.

How long does it take to issue a Fuel Card?

The cards are issued at the service-centers from one to three business days, depending on the overall number of cards requested.

Is it possible to Engraved the Fuel Card?

Yes, it is possible, based on prior reference in the application. Engraved cards are issued from the service center within three working days.
The company provides identification of only those plastic cards on which the state number of the motor vehicle is stamped.

Is it possible to purchase fuel in the form of liquid?

Yes, it is 

What is the minimum amount of fuel that can be purchased in the form of liquid?

At least, 3200 litres.