On behalf of “SOCAR”, different types of messages are being distributed, inviting citizens to invest in the assets of “SOCAR”.

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The company warns everyone not to believe this scam and not to invest in such offers.

“SOCAR” informs the public regularly about activities and promotions via social networks and official media channels.

The company reminds citizens that “SOCAR” is not responsible for the offers and promotions which are made in the name of the company.

"We warn citizens and ask them to be careful and contact the police as soon as they receive such kind of offer,” – quote from the official statement by “SOCAR”, which was distributed through official channels of social media.

This is not the first time when fake statements on behalf of “SOCAR” is distributed concerning individual and business collaboration, job creation, investment projects, etc. are sent to legal entities and individuals. Generally, this misinformation is delivered to consumers through social media, email, and phone calls.

Those who wish to check the accuracy of the information can visit the official website of "SOCAR", the official Facebook page and the hotline: *0001.