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SOCAR Georgia Petroleum has 5 types of fuel in its network:

• Euro Regular

• Euro Premium

• Euro Super

• Euro diesel

• Diesel (D01)

SOCAR imports Euro-type fuel from European countries. Among these countries, the largest suppliers are Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.

Euro 4 standard diesel is imported from Azerbaijan.

In the supply and distribution chain fuel quality is inspected at all points where there is a risk of deterioration.

1. At the port, in a loaded railway carriage

2. At SOCAR Oil Terminal, after loading fuel in cistern

3. While distribution, in fuel gasoline carrier

4. At petrol stations, from a fuel pistol

Since 2013, SOCAR Georgia Petroleum has been cooperating with BASF SE, the largest international producer of petrochemicals (https://www.basf.com/global/en.html);

"BASF" supplies SOCAR Georgia Petroleum with "Nano" fuel adjunct. It has the unique formula which improves the ecological and consumer operation of the fuel and, as a result, reduces the eco-polluting emissions and fuel consumption costs.

Since 2012, automobile gasoline and diesel examination laboratory is operating at SOCAR Georgia Petroleum.  The laboratory is certified according to the ISO 17025: 2017/18 standard and fully corresponds the current legislation of Georgia, as well as the requirements introduced and recognized in Europe.

The testing laboratory is fully equipped with European and American testing equipment. Using this equipment all the quality parameters in the fuel are checked, which are important from both ecological and consumer points of view.

SOCAR Laboratories participate in an international Round Robins SGS- IIS laboratories comparisons to monitor the standard testing of motor gasoline and diesel fuels.